How to Cook Roasting Meat Like Turkish Delight?

How to Cook Roasting Meat Like Turkish Delight? Ingredients for Recipe
1200 gr cubed meat
200 g tail oil
Black pepper

How to Cook Roasting Meat Like Turkish Delight? Recipe Making

Hello friends. No need to boil, without marinating, without adding water to the palate, cooked with its own water like a Turkish delight, how about a roasting recipe. While explaining the recipe, I will keep the article long in order to tell the details exactly. Don’t worry you’ll do every job you want while roasting meats. Lovers of roasting do not miss this recipe.


Tail oil, such as minced meat, we keep it in the freezer after the minced meat so that in the form of roasting tail oil mince but you can use chopping cubes if you want.

It will be better if the pots you will use for cooking are steel.
Let’s put the pot on the stove, open the pot at the middle temperature and heat the pot thoroughly, put the tail oil in the heated pot, shorten the pot and close the lid.
On low heat, the oils will stick to the pot in the first place. Do not try to mix it in the first place.

After about 3 minutes, mix the oil once or twice and then close the lid of the saucepan and let the oil cook.
Again, 2-3 minutes later, once again this time by crushing the oils lightly mix thoroughly.

Then, mix well every 3-5 minutes until the oils melt and change color.
If you use the tail oil in the form of minced meat like me, the fats will melt and fry more quickly, but if you use chopped, the fats will fry later. In this case you can not give a clear tail oil cooking time.

Let’s add the flesh when the tail oils are browned and the colors begin to brown. If you like crispy tail oil, you can get the fried tail fats by draining them and then add the meat. We’il add the crispy tail oils on the plate again.
After putting the meat and fixing it, let’s close the lid of the pan without stirring and let it open at a very high temperature and cook it for 3 minutes.

Because I’m going to roast the cubed meat I cut it a little smaller and you can ask your butcher to do it like this in the real recipe.
Let the meat mix well after 3 minutes without crushing and cook again for 3 minutes with the lid closed at high heat.
Then, let’s mix the meat again and let it cook in the smallest eye of the stove with the lid closed.

Never open the bottom of the pan except stirring until the meat is cooked.
Stir the roasting every 15-20 minutes while cooking.
You can continue cooking until the meat is completely dehydrated.
If you do the roasting of lamb or mutton meat, the meat will be cooked in 1 hour, then it can be cooked without pulling its juice. Roast the meat for 10-15 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent meat from sticking to the pot.

Be careful not to crush the meat while stirring. You can add salt just before you take the roasting from the stove. If you want, you can add seasoning according to your taste, I’m adding spices during roasting and not serving.
While roasting, the last stage is adding butter to the meat. If you want, you can add I did not add the fat added to the cooked meat later adds to me that changes the natural smell and flavor of the meat to me if you still prefer. I hope you enjoy the recipe. Bon appetite for those who will try.