Green Lentils (Pastry Tray Rolls)

Green Lentils (Pastry Tray Rolls)

Ingredients for Green Lentil-Mince Tray Pastry Recipe
3 pieces of yufka
1 glass of green lentils
200-250 gr ground meat
1 large dry onion
3 potatoes
Half tea cup oil
1 tablespoon tomato paste
Black pepper
red pepper flakes
For sauce;

1. 5 cups of milk
1 tbsp yogurt
1 egg

Green Lentil-Shredded Tray Pastry Recipe Preparation
If all our ingredients are ready, let us first take the lentil to the stove for washing.
Let’s cut the cube cubes together with the oil and add the minced meat and continue to roast.

Let’s add a tablespoon of tomato paste, then grate the potatoes and add 1 cup of water to add the water to start mixing the potato to cook.

After softening the potatoes, add the spices and salt of lentils and mix them.
Let’s open one of our yufkamas on the tray with oiled paper.

Let’s add less than half of the sauce ingredients into the two-layer section and add our inner mortar.
Pour the half of the remaining mortar on top of the mortar we put on our last yufkamızı on the side and the bottom

of the bottom with the bottom of the mortar and then rest on the mortar completely.
You can sprinkle sesame and black seed.
Let’s bake it in a 180-degree oven until golden brown. Our pie is ready, bon appetit.

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