Bingöl History

Bingöl history

There are a lot of legends about where the name of Bingöl gets.
Throughout its history, influences of various civilizations
the remaining province, the Islamic sources are called Cebel-u Cur.
When the Islamic armies came to the province of Diyar-i Bekir (Diyarbakir)
Khalid Bin Walid, commanders of the commander
Kibes’i Cebel-u Cur and are tasked to conquer the region.
Islamic armies enter this region under the command of Kibes. Present
They turn to Palu over Kuruca (Gazik) village. Islam
resources in the southeastern region of Kuruca village Merel
a city called. Merel from that period
It is a civilized city.
sources are called Cebel-u Cur (Çapakçur).
In one of the wars in this region,
he was martyred on the mountain which we call Sultan Mountain today.
And he was buried here. it’s been there since
The Sultan is called Kibes-i Ziyareti and by the public
are visited …

The name of Çapakçur in the Book of Evliya Çelebi Alexander the Great
It is rumored that it is given by. Alexander the Great
can not find. After long searches, it finds water in Bingöl region and
heals The meaning of this water into the water means Paradise Water
(Makdis Lisani) He gave the name Çapakçur. The edge of the Murat river
in a short time makes a castle. This fortress is called Çapakçur Castle.

Bingöl province is connected to Palu district in 1844 as sub-district. 1872
left the city of Palu in the year of Cevlig (Çolig) – Çapakçur
district In 1936, it became a provincial center with the same name. In 1945
It takes the name of Bingöl …

Bingöl’s history dates back to 2000 BC (BC).
The years before this date are not known. More common to the provinces
until the city-centered city center
it remained under the influence of civilizations and did not have a status.
The absence of historical remains in our city confirms this thesis.
The young and the Kýðý districts of our province host settled civilizations
He made. These districts have a long history rather than the city center.
The historical ruins in these districts show this.

The history of Bingöl is mostly studied by examining the history of neighboring provinces.
It has been omitted. Bingöl plateaus in the surrounding provinces as a grassland

Historian Heredot divided Anatolia into a region in one of his works
and each region gave a separate name. Today’s Diyarbakır, Muş and Bingöl
The region that includes the provinces gave the name “Komogene”. Bingöl Province Ottoman
in the Republic of Turkey due to the provinces
In the era of the province has become …

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