Bilecik history

Bilecik history:

The life, of the city in Antiquity is shown in the history of Bitinya (Bithynia), which includes Bilecik in its historical sources. The ancient city of Bitinya was known as BC.

It started with Thynler, who lived in Thrace in the 1950s. The region then moved to Egypt, Hittite, Phrygian, Kimmer, Lydia, Persia, Macedonia, Kingdom of Bithynia, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire.

Bilecik is the scene of civilization and sovereignty of many peoples in history. It is the place where Kayı Boyu came with 400 tents from Central Asia and made the foundation of Ottoman Empire in Söğüt.

In addition to the privilege of the history,of the city and the place where the Ottoman, Empire was founded, it has also played an important role in the foundation of the Republic with the fierce struggles and victories won in the War of Independence.


Many of the Turkish and foreign visitors come to the ın Ertuğrul Gazi ve Commemoration and Söğüt Festivals, which are celebrated with the ceremonial ceremonies held every year (the last three days of the second week of September).

At the ceremonies, the henna night and experiences of the nomads are played, and the javelin shows are performed.


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