Aylar: Şubat 2019


Balıkesir History

Balıksir History Many mounds, caves and flat settlements in the province of Balikesir research in these lands BC. It was discovered that between 8000-3000 years. 8 km to Havran. The remains of the Paleolithic, NeolithicContinue reading


Bilecik history

Bilecik history: The life, of the city in Antiquity is shown in the history of Bitinya (Bithynia), which includes Bilecik in its historical sources. The ancient city of Bitinya was known as BC. It startedContinue reading


Bingöl History

Bingöl history There are a lot of legends about where the name of Bingöl gets. Throughout its history, influences of various civilizations the remaining province, the Islamic sources are called Cebel-u Cur. When the IslamicContinue reading