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We do not yet have a thorough knowledge of the ancient history of Erzincan. Nevertheless, historians have noted that the hurricane lived in this region for the second thousand years, and the Hayaslılarla Azzis reigned in the first half of the second millennium.

BC in Anatolia. Between 1050 and 1180, the Hittites established a large empire by making Hattusas a center. Undoubtedly he was under the rule of the Hittites in Erzincan. Various artifacts from the Hittites were discovered during excavations in various parts of Anatolia. There is no doubt that there is no Hittite settlement in Erzincan and its region.

One of the ancient states founded in Eastern Anatolia is Urartians. This state, which was founded in 9,100 BC, made the capital 2 (Tuspa) capital and expanded its borders from Malatya to Caspian Sea, from Erzurum-Erzincan in the north to Aleppo-Mosul in the south.

Prof. In the excavation carried out by Tahsin ÖZGÜÇ (1953), many works belonging to the Urartu were recovered and this region was proved to be under Urartu rule.

Urartu cities, which were subjected to various attacks, were destroyed one by one. It was completely eliminated in 600 years. Erzincan and the region, the Urartians defeated Anatolia began to invade the Meds (612 BC) passed into the hands. The battles with the Lydians in the Kyaksar period of the Med Kingdom probably took place in and around Erzincan. These regions were captured by the Persians in BC.550 BC.

When the Hittites invaded Anatolia, the Persians captured the Persian plateau. The rise of the Persians takes place in Ciroz (550-530), Kampis (530-520). During this period, the Persians took over Erzincan and its surroundings. After the Persians, they were captured by the Anatolian Makendonians.

After the Roman army began to conquer Eastern Anatolia in BC70, and destroyed the Kingdom of Safen in the region of Elazig, Tigran also defeated the Army. At this time (68 BC), the Pontus people also ended the Roman rule in Erzincan. Erzincan and its region, which was the scene of constant wars between Iran and Byzantium, was taken back from Iran, which was defeated in 629 by the last Byzantine emperor Heraklius.

Caliph Hz. During the reign of Osman (644-656), Habib bin Mesleme captured Erzincan and its region in 35/655 and added this region completely to the administration of Muslims. Erzincan and the region during the Abbasid period was exposed to various attacks. Malatya Governor Omar bin Abdullah, the Khalifa Mutawekkil Alallah (847-861), Arabgir, Eğin, Kemah, Erzincan and Trabzon from the Byzantine back. (859) Thus, Erzincan was again dominated by the Arabs.

We have already mentioned that the Turks have made raids on Anatolia. However, according to the general opinion of the Turks of Anatolia to acquire the country after the victory of Malazgirt (1071). When the victory of Malazgirt was won, Alparslan had appointed Mengücek Ahmet Gazi to the conquest of the valleys of Karasu and Çatlı rivers.

Mengücek Ahmet Gazi, one of the commanders of Alparslan, took over Erzincan, Kemah, Divriği and Şebinkarahisar regions. He made Kemah a center. On the death of Ahmet Gazi (1114) his son Isaac Bey replaced him. When Ishak Bey, who ruled for a long time, died (1124), he was replaced by Melih Mahmut. When Isaac Bey’s sons did not know him, the state of Mengucek was torn apart. Kemah Melih Mahmut’a Erzincan Davut Shah, Divriği’de Suleyman Shah fell. Upon the killing of David Shah (1151) he had been to Erzincan for 13 years with Suleyman Shah; When Davut Shah’s son Fahrettin Behram Shah (1165) sat in his father’s throne, the Mengücek Principality was strengthened again. Fahrettin Behram Shah, taking into consideration the fact that he was the son-in-law of Kılıçarslan, Mengücek Seljuk relationship better understood.

At the time of Behram Shah, Erzincan was very advanced, trade and industry developed. Unfortunately, the artifacts belonging to that period have not survived due to the scales. Behram Shah died in 1225 in Erzincan and was buried in Urla (Ula) village.

When Behram Shah died, his son David Shah passed away. In 1228, the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat occupied Erzincan and Kemah and ended the Mengücek Principality. Between Alaaddin Keykubat and Celalettin Harzem Shah, there was a war in Erzincan near Erzincan in 1230, and Celalettin Harzem Shah was defeated. On the death of Alaattin Keykubat (1237), his son was replaced by II. Gıyasettin Keyhüsrev passed. In his day the state was invaded by the Mongols. The Mongols, who occupied Erzurum in 1240, passed Erzincan and defeated the Anatolian Seljuk State in 1243 on the battle of Kösedağ. Thus, Erzincan and the province passed into the hands of the Ilkhans. İlhanlılar ruled the governor (governor). Timur-Taş Bey fled to Egypt and left Alaaddin Eretna instead.

Alaaddin Eretna, the governor of Timur-Taş after he sought refuge in Egypt

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